How To Find Part Number

Step 1 - Open your car hood

The first step is to locate the hood release. This is usually located on the driver's side of the vehicle, on the lower left hand side. It will usually have a label of a car with it's hood up. Pull the lever until you hear a popping noise.

Step 2 - Locate Air Box

Locate Air box, in majority of car it will be black in colour. See below Images for reference, it may not be same as mention in image but that will give some idea about that.

Step 3 - Open Air Box

Open air box, they might have Screw or Clips

Step 4 - Find Part Number

Now Filter will be visible, take out and look for part number can be found on rubber / on coroners side / bottom, see below some images for reference. Please make sure you remove all dash and spaces.

Step 5 Select Brand and Brand Part

Once you found Brand part number you can use below drop down to select Brand and Brand Part Number.

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