Davies Craig, Universal Dual Fan Mounting Kit (12V) DC-1002

Davies Craig, Universal Dual Fan Mounting Kit (12V) DC-1002

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The Davies Craig Universal Dual Fan Mounting Kit includes all parts necessary for mounting & wiring 12volt Fans for both Davies Craig and other Electric Fan models.

Fitting / Mounting Your Electric Fan

Please pay particular attention to the markings on the fan hub/blade regarding the direction the fan should operate as Davies Craig Electric Fans are reversable. Once the fan is installed the arrow may not be visible. 

The Thermatic Fan fitting instructions must be closely followed, regardless of whether the unit is mounted upstream or downstream.

If you wish to thematically control the electric fan(s) you should purchase a Davies, Craig Thermatic Switch Kit, Part: #0401, #0400 Combo Kit or a Twin Fan Thermatic Controller Part, #0444, #0455.

If you wish to cool both the radiator and AC condenser you should purchase Part #0444, #0455, or a Thermatic Switch & Relay Kit, Part #0404 - which contains the Thermatic Switch with an extra relay and wiring loom.