Yelsha-D, RB30 Water Pump Blanking Plate, (BLACK)

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Yelsha D Billet RB30 Billet water pump blanking plate.

The Yelsha D Billet Water Pump blanking plate (weight  is 620 grams) is used to replace the factory pulley driven RB30 water pump to allow you to install and use an electric water pump like the Davies Craig electric water pump’s to circulate the water throughout your engine at a higher rate compared to the factory water pump.

Why is this an electric water pump a practical alternative to the mechanical belt-driven pump?

The factory mechanical belt-driven water pump runs directly off the motor which reduces engine power. When the mechanical pump spins they begin to cavitate, this creates small air bubbles in the water and limits how much coolant the mechanical pump can pump through the engine which ultimately effects the effectiveness of your cooling system.

The Davies Craig electric water pump is hardwired into your electrical system and can be run independently, by not having the factory water pump driven by engine you can gain up to an additional 10kw (13hp).  You can also use the Davis Craig electric water pump in conjunction with your ECU (check manufacturers specs first) to regulate and control the coolant flow allowing you to eliminate the thermostat by regulating the temperature by varying the pump's flow of coolant.

You can also configure the Davies Craig water pump to continue pumping the water around the engine after ignition is off to reduce heat soak.

The water pump blanking plate is a NZ Made Product


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PART: y-rb30-blank-blk
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