Yelsha D, V2 Alternator Kit, Suits RB20, RB25, RB26, 140A@3000RPM (BLUE)

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The best in alternator performance has just taken it to the next level. In addition to increased engine response and power, this item will improve idle, low-mid range torque and drivability.
In addition, noise in the audio system will be reduced, power throughout the vehicle increased along with a cleaner-burning which can lead to a more fuel-efficient engine. Charge up your machine to full potential with this item while also adding a nice touch to the engine bay!


These kits allow you to mount (included) an LS1 (GM 5.7L) alternators that come from the factory with140amps.

Kit includes
Ultra-Torque Alternator 140A @3000RPM & Over 170A @6000RPM!
"Each Ultra-Torque Alternator includes its very own unique test report"
Billet bracket, custom pulley, and all required hardware included.
Kits are all NZ made using 6061 aluminum.
Uses original belt
Pulley ratio matched for RB engines.
Straight fit no real modifications required - Fits OEM PLUG

Alternator comes with a 1 Year a Warranty.

Standard Nissan Skyline alternator puts out between 80 and 90A. When running a couple of 044 pumps along with an internal pump plus the lights etc the standard alternator can’t keep up with the power supply required to fire the coils etc under load

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PART: Y-alt-kit-blue
Weight: 7.00 KG