Green Air Filter Cleaner Solution, 12 oz (2100)

Green Air Filter Cleaner Solution, 12 oz (2100)

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Air Filter Cleaner (2100) by Green Filter®. Clean and recharge your Green Filter aircleaner element with these products. The air filter cleaner makes the dirt and filter oil rinse off easily, while the spray bottle of air filter oil wicks into the filter element within minutes for a consistent coat.

  •     Number of cleanings per kit will depend on the size of your filter
  •     No other products needed, only cool water
  •     Cleaner lifts dirt out within 15 minutes
  •     Dirt and cleaner rinse out easily with cool water
  •     Filter will air dry in a short time; no need to force dry
  •     Oil will disperse throughout filter element on its own

Cleaning a Green Filter woven cotton filter element is simple and easy.
Remove the filter element and shake any loose dirt off onto the ground.
Spray the surface of the filter with the cleaner until it's wetted,
and go do something else for fifteen minutes or so.
This will give the cleaner a chance to penetrate and loosen all
of the dirt and remaining filter oil.

With flowing, cool water rinse the filter element from inside out to float
away the dirt. When clean, simply let the element dry gently, out of the sun.
Then spray with the air filter oil, applying roughly one spray for every
two square inches.

Don't over-oil; the oil will disperse evenly throughout the filter within a few minutes.
Now you can reinstall the filter until the next cleaning.
Because of Green Filters deep-pleat construction, the next cleaning
and re-oiling should be done in 4-6,000 miles, or every six months.

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