Davies Craig, EWP80 Combo, 12V 80LPM, Electric Water Pump & Controller Combo, Up to 2.0L, DC-8907

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The EWP®80 greatly enhances engine cooling control while giving you added power and improved fuel economy. By removing the parasitic power losses of a belt-driven, mechanical water pump the EWP® can provide up to 10kW (13hp) of extra power and increased torque. Use for Engines up to 2.0L standard.

The included LCD Fan Digital Controller will manage both the EWP® and Thermatic® fan operation. The Digital Controller will vary the speed of the EWP® in response to the engine’s coolant temperature. Multiple temperature settings are provided on the Controller for either maximum power or fuel efficiency.

The Thermatic® Fan/s will be activated automatically once the engine coolant rises 3°C (5.4°F) above the targeted (set) temperature. The Digital Controller will automatically run on for three minutes (or to 10°C / 14°F below the set temperature) after engine shut down, eliminating ‘heat soak’ and extending engine life.

Technical Specifications - EWP80
Operating voltage    3V DC to 15V DC            
Maximum current    7.5A @ 13V            
Flow rate (max)    80 L/min @ 13V DC            
Operating temp.  -40° to 130°C (-40° to 266°F)
Pump weight    900 grams (2.0 lb)            
Pump material    Nylon 66, 30% glass-filled            
Burst pressure    350 kPa (50 psi)            
Seal    Ceramic face seal            
Fits hose sizes    32mm to 51mm (1⅜” to 2”)
Elbow Adaptor 35mm (Nylon)    1
Straight Adaptor 35mm (Nylon)    1                   

Technical Specification - LCD Controller
Voltage range    12V DC to 29V DC            
Display LCD size    64.6mm x 55.6mm
Maximum current    12Amps

Warning alarm has High & low Temp., Above set temp., Sensor short circuit, Pump error, High & low voltage and Sensor open circuit.

Overrun/ shutdown    -10°C (14°F) below set/target temperature or 3 minutes        

Indicators    Temperature, power, EWP, test, fan, high & low temp, voltage, above set temperature (with alarm)


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PART: DC-8907
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