Davies Craig, (6R80) Transmission Oil Cooler Fitting Kit, For Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50 Engine, DC-1006

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The Transmission Oil Cooler Adaptor Kit (Part #1006) is specifically designed to suit Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 range of SUVs and vehicles equipped with a 6R80 Transmission. This specific purpose Transmission Oil Cooler Fitting Kit is offered following a growing demand for increased cooling of the transmission oil from owners of these vehicles, especially in towing applications.

The 6R80 Transmission is fitted as standard equipment to the following;
•    2009–present Ford F-150
•    2009–present Ford Expedition
•    2009–present Lincoln Navigator
•    2009-2010 Mercury Mountaineer
•    2011–2016 Ford Territory (SZ TCDi)
•    2011-17 Ford Mustang V6, GT, Ecoboost
•    2011-present Ford Ranger 2.2L, 3.2L
•    2011-present Mazda BT-50 2.2L, 3.2L
•    2015-present Ford Everest 2.2L, 3.2L
•    2015-present Ford Transit

This Davies Craig Transmission Oil Cooler Adaptor Kit has simple, easy to follow instructions including information relating to the location and orientation of the Oil Cooler Core.

Not included is a transmission oil cooler core mounting bracket due to the wide variety of applications and preferences to the model Transmission Oil Cooler Kit being installed.  

Choose your specific Hydra-Cool Transmission Oil Cooler Kit from the Davies Craig range, be the 21-plate Part #678, 30-plate #679. Further, Transmission Oil Cooler Combo Kits, (which include the reverse polarity Davies Craig Thermatic Fan), Parts #698 12v; #699 24v or #691 12v; #692 24v models. Install any of these Davies, Craig Transmission Oil Cooler models to your auto transmission for more efficient cooling.


To use the fitting kit, you will require other components which are supplied separately:

Davies, Craig Transmission Oil Cooler Kit – Parts #679 or #691
Auto Trans Fluid (Approx. 700 millilitre – 1 litre)
19mm Heater Hose (400mm approx.)
2 x 19mm Hose Barbs
2 x Hose Clamps (For Heater Hose)

Engine coolant
Cable Ties


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PART: DC-1006
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