Davies Craig, Mechanical Thermatic Fan Switch, 12V/24V, DC-0401

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The Mechanical Thermal Switch can be used with our Thermatic Fans & Electric Water Pumps (EWP).

It senses the coolant temperature after it passes through the engine block prior to entering the radiator and is adjustable from 40° to 100°C (104° to 212°F). The Thermal Switch is mounted near the radiator and the stainless steel probe fitted inside the radiator hose using #0409). The Thermal Switch & relay kit enables a fan to operate both thermally and also when the air conditioning is running.

Lead Length 100cm
Temperature Range 40° to 100°C (104° to 212°F)
Sensor Probe Size Suites 6mm Olive

Kit Contents:
Thermal Switch 1
Rubber Seal Suits 1mm Capillary
Thermal Switch Knob 1
3M White Scotch lock Terminal 1
Instructions 1

Should you not want to squeeze the probe of the Mechanical Thermatic® Switch between the radiator inlet and radiator hose, or the radiator fins, we recommend you look at part number 0409 or 0400 (Sold Separately)


The #0409 is a simple, economical Adaptor Kit allows easy fitting directly into the top radiator hose. Just fit the probe into the compression fitting, remove about 17mm (2/3”) of radiator hose, fit the adaptor between each hose and secure the hose clamps. The kit comes complete, as shown, for a watertight and effective probe installation. Extra rubber sleeves are supplied to enable fitment to radiator hose sizes from 32mm to 40mm (1¼” to 1½”) diameter. 

Suits all temperature sensors with either a 5mm (3/16”) or a 6mm (1/4” outside diameter and temperature gauge senders with 6mm (1/4”) NPT thread. Note: This is an accessory for use with #0401, #0404, #0444 and
#0455 Thermatic® Switches.

Should you need to account for Air Conditioning, we recommend the Mechanical Thermatic® Switch(12V & 24V) plus Relay for Air Conditioning, Part #0404


For 24 Volt Application:
Kit sold in 12 volt configuration, for 24 volt application, you will need to purchase 24 volt relay for each electric fan.

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PART: DC-0401
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